Swimming Pool Moniter

YIERYI Outdoor Sprinkler Timer

Do you often forget to turn off your water faucet, resulting in a wet lawn and wasted water? Are plants dying due to neglected watering. Now with the timer water valve, your life will be easier, no more water wastage and plants forgetting to be watered. It can be used in many scenarios and can be used in gardens, lawns, yards, etc. With this garden sprinkler timer, your lawn and plants will be well taken care of, making it the perfect garden helper for you.

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Soil Quality Tester

About Yieryi

We are a professional manufacturer of high quality Portable & digital refractometers, Pen type and online monistor PH meters, tds meter,ORP meter, ec tester, DO meter.soil ph&moisture meters, Digital scales.etc.. Our products are widely used in beer brewing, liquor brewing, sugar making, fruit juice processing, Planting(soil),Aquarium,Hydroponics,Environmental,protection,Food,Education, Military and Technology.

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YIERYI YY-1030 Smart Bluetooth Spear pH Tester