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YIERYI Soil pH Meter, Digital Soil pH Tester for Hydroponics, Garden, Lawn, Agriculture, Farm

YIERYI Soil pH Meter, Digital Soil pH Tester for Hydroponics, Garden, Lawn, Agriculture, Farm

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2-IN-1 Soil Meter-Digital soil tester can measure temperature and pH value (acidic or alkaline) in soils and other media. In addition, our soil pH meter has a unique design that can measure hard soil, dry soil, sandy soil, and other special soil, great for gardening, lawn, farming, farm, indoor & outdoor use.

Soil pH Meter with Bluetooth-Equipped with stainless steel electrodes, LCD backlit display, designed for professional soil pH measurement. 0.1 pH accuracy in the range of 0.00-14.0 pH with 0.1~60℃ automatic temperature compensation.

Data Logger-Accurate and real-time Bluetooth data transmission allows you to easily save, manage and share test data. Insert the soil meter's electrodes into the soil and the reading will quickly appear on the LCD display. After 5 minutes without any operation, it will automatically enter standby mode, and data can also be recorded normally.

Easy to Use-Plug and read, responsive. Easy to set up, the APP can set the upper and lower limits of the soil pH value, and you can set it yourself according to your needs. When the value you set exceeds the range, the App interface will display a red value abnormally, prompting you that any value exceeds your preset range.

Packing Service-The electrode of the Soil pH Meter is replaceable and has a protective cover to better protect the electrode. In addition, it comes with 5 bags of pH calibration powder (Asian standard: pH4.00, pH6.86, pH9.18, European standard: pH7.00, pH10.01).

How to adjust the soil pH value?

A pH of 6.5 is appropriate for most home gardens, as most plants grow in the range of 6.0 to 7.0 (slightly acidic to neutral). Once you have determined the pH of the soil, use an appropriate amount of soil conditioner to adjust the pH of the soil to meet the needs of the plants you plant.

What is the pH value of your garden soil?

Every plant likes different degrees of acidity. Use this soil pH chart to find the pH that best suits your garden plants, then make corresponding pH adjustments and use our soil pH meter to test the pH value.

24h Monitor

You don't have to be near your plants all the time, but you can check the pH status of your soil in real time from your mobile phone. Make sure your plants are healthy.