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YIERYI 5 in 1 Salinity/PH/TDS/EC/TEMP Water Quality Tester for Water, Swimming Pools

YIERYI 5 in 1 Salinity/PH/TDS/EC/TEMP Water Quality Tester for Water, Swimming Pools

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5-in-1 PH Meter for Water: The pH meter is designed with a 5-in-1 function, which can measure pH (acidity and alkalinity), TDS (total dissolved solids), EC (conductivity), salinity (salt content), and temperature. Simply press the {MODE/CAL} key to switch the value of pH, EC (uS/cm), TDS (ppm), and salinity (ppm/%).

3 Salinity Test Application Ranges: Salinity Test (0-9999ppm), Seawater Test (10-200ppt), (1ppt=1000ppm, when the ppm number exceeds 9999ppm, the pH meter will automatically switch to the ppt unit display). Food test (0.01-25%). When testing food, select the appropriate measurement mode and unit to ensure accurate and reliable measurement results. The units of TDS and salinity are the same, but when measuring salinity, the pH meter needs to be converted to salinity mode.

High Precision & Easy to Use: The digital pH tester is equipped with high-quality platinum-plated electrodes, and high-precision algorithm chips and electrodes ensure accurate and fast reactions. After the measured value stabilizes, simply press the {HOLD/TEMP} button to lock the measured value and then take it out for viewing. Also, long press the {HOLD/TEMP} button to switch temperature units.

Large Screen Display & ATC: The PH tester comes with a green backlit LCD, which can help you clearly see the measurement results in any situation. If there is no operation after 5 minutes, the power will be automatically turned off to save power. The digital pH meter can accurately measure the pH value of the sample within the temperature range of 0℃-60 ℃ (32°F-140°F), which can perfectly solve the error caused by the liquid temperature change, thus making the PH value more accurate.

Wide Applications: The 5-in-1 pH tester is suitable for testing household drinking water, hydroponics, swimming pools, aquariums, laboratories, etc. The salinity tester has multiple uses, not only detecting the salt content of edible salt, saltwater ponds, and koi ponds, but also detecting the salinity of seawater, oceans, and saltwater fish ponds.


Essential Details:
PH Range: 0~14.0pH
EC Range: 0~10000uS/cm, 10.01~19.99mS/cm, 20.1~400mS/cm
TDS Range: 0~10000ppm, 10.1~200.0ppt
Temperature Range: 0-60 Degree Celsius
Salinity Range: 0.01~25.0%, 0~10000ppm, 10.1~200.0ppt

The 5-in-1 PH/TDS/EC/Salinity/Temp Meter is widely used in drinking water, swimming pools, agriculture, aquaculture, and other fields. The pH meter is easy to operate, which can help you obtain accurate and reliable measurement results of multiple water quality parameters easily and quickly.

How to Calibrate the PH Meter?

1. Before calibration, prepare 3 beakers containing separately 250ml of pH 4.00/pH 6.86/pH 9.18 standard solution.

2. Rinse the electrode with clean distilled water and wipe it dry. Turn on the pH meter and adjust to pH mode.

3. Immerse the electrode into the pH6.86 buffer solution, wait for the value to stabilize, press "CAL" for 5s, and the screen will display "CAL", when pH6.86 flashes 3 times, the calibration of pH6.86 is finished.

4. Repeat the above steps to calibrate pH4.00 or pH9.18.