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YIERYI 4 in 1 H2/PH/ORP/TEMP Meter Hydrogen Tester Water Quality Monitor For Pools Drinking Water With ORP Powder

YIERYI 4 in 1 H2/PH/ORP/TEMP Meter Hydrogen Tester Water Quality Monitor For Pools Drinking Water With ORP Powder

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[4-in-1 water quality test] YIERYI PH meter is designed with 4-in-1 function, which can be measured PH, ORP, H2, and Temperature simultaneously with high precision. Omni-directional measurement of water quality to ensure the health of water quality.

[±0.05 pH Accuracy and 3-Point Calibration] With high sensitivity glass probe, YIERYI PH meter’s full measurement range of 0-14pH, 0.01 pH resolution. And pH meter uses a 3-point calibration method, calibrating the electrode to solutions of pH 4.00, pH 6.86, and pH 9.18 to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.

[Automatic power-off function & large screen display] The automatic power-off function turns off the power after 5 minutes without any operation to save power. Employs a fully transparent liquid crystal (LCD) to display 4-digit values ​​and the corresponding physical quantity units.

[Waterproof rating IP67] IP67 is an international waterproof and dustproof certification. Protection against dust intrusion, short-time immersion.

[Wide Application] Ideal for household and laboratory pH testing applications, including drinking water, swimming pool, pond, beer brewing, kombucha, aquariums, hydroponics, laboratory, food processing, etc.

Note: After you have calibrate ORP, and H2 can be calibrated at the same time.

Range: 0.01-14.00pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Accuracy: ±0.05pH
Range: ±999mV
Resolution: 1mV
Accuracy: ±2mV
Range: 0-2400ppb; 0.001-2.400
Resolution: 2ppb; 2ppm
Accuracy: ±10ppb; ±10ppm
4. Temperature
Range: 0.1-60.0°C 32.0-140°F
Resolution: 1℃/°F
Accuracy: ±0.5

Product Details:
1. Display: LCD digital display
2. Backlight: optional backlight
3. Temperature: automatic temperature compensation 0-60℃
4. Working environment: 0-60℃ (32.0-140°F); RH 100%
5. Waterproof: Ip67
6. Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes
7. Data retention: value retention
8. Battery: 3*1.5V (LR44) (not including battery)
9. Screen size: 33 * 24mm
10. Size: 183"37*37mm(7.2*1.5*1.5in)
11. Weight: 90g

What is Hydrogen Water?
1.Hydrogen Water is Rich hydrogen water,Aqua means hydrogen.
2.Common sense tells us that hydrogen is insoluble in water.In fact, hydrogen is not insoluble in water, it's just extremely insoluble.
3.If you do it in molarity,The concentration of 101.325kPa pure hydrogen dissolved in water at 20℃ was 0.92mmoI/L
4.With the invention and application of nanometer gas-liquid mixing technology in China, the scientific problem of hydrogen insoluble in water has been solved, and the hydrogen molecule is evenly coated in water by physical method to promote the stable combination of hydrogen and water.It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

Packing list :
1 * YY-400 Waterproof Mini pH Meter+Rich Hydrogen Cup