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YIERYI Digital pH Meter for Food, 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy Food pH Tester for Meat, Bread, Canning, Brewing, Cheese

YIERYI Digital pH Meter for Food, 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy Food pH Tester for Meat, Bread, Canning, Brewing, Cheese

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Detailed Description

pH Tester for Fermented Foods

The pH value testing range of the pH meter for food is 0.00-14.00, with an accuracy of ±0.1. The proprietary spear pH probe helps you accurately test the pH of a wide variety of foods during fermentation, such as sausage, salami, cheese, sushi rice, canned jams, fermented sauces, chili sauces, hot sauces, and more.

Food pH Meter

Our food pH tester is designed for highly accurate pH testing of soft solid samples, simply insert the spear probe into the sample and wait for the value to stabilize for an accurate measurement, perfect for a wide range of items such as cheeses, sushi rice, meats, fruits, doughs, jams, sauces, skincare products and solid media.

Reliable and Accurate Food pH Tester

Our pH tester digital utilizes advanced chips that ensure stable measure value and features an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) system that ensures accurate measurements regardless of temperature changes. In addition, a moist sponge soaked in KCL solution is added to the digital pH meter's protective cover to keep the spear probe moist at all times, greatly extending the life of the pH tester.

Easy Calibrated pH Meter

Our pH meters boast a meticulous calibration process at pH 4.00 and pH 7.00 to ensure reliable and consistent results, providing accurate measurements for pH measurements in areas such as food preparation, water quality testing, or other areas.

Digital pH Meter for Food

Elevate your culinary precision with the Fermented Food pH Tester! Perfect for fermenting sausages, salamis, cheeses, sushi rice, jams, and more. The proprietary spear pH probe ensures pinpoint measurements in soft solid samples like meats, fruits, doughs, and skincare products.

ILCD Backlight Display

The pH meter boasts a backlit LCD design, ensuring an effortless understanding of test results regardless of lighting conditions.

High Accuracy Electrode

This food pH meter utilizes a cutting-edge spear-type probe for highly accurate semi-solid pH detection. Ensure precision in your measurements with ease.

Where Flavor Meets Precision

Experience the Meat pH Evolution: From deep hues (pH 7.0) in the early stage to a medium color spectrum (pH 6.0) in the intermediate, and finally, lighter tones (pH 5.2) in the later stage, unveiling a palette of rich, meaty flavors.

Where Precision Meets Culinary Artistry

Explore dough pH evolution: from the fresh mix at a pH of 6.5-7.0 in the Mixing Phase, through the acidic richness of Fermentation (pH 5.5-6.5), to the ultimate blend of texture and flavor in the Baked Phase (pH 5.0-5.5).

Where Precision Meets Preservation

Empower your culinary creations with the pH Meter for Food Canning – Where Precision Meets Preservation.