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YIERYI WiFi Water Quality Monitor with Controller, Online pH TDS Monitor, Support Tuya APP Remote Control

YIERYI WiFi Water Quality Monitor with Controller, Online pH TDS Monitor, Support Tuya APP Remote Control

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3-in-1 PPM Monitor

Wall-mountable rechargeable continuous monitor tester is widely used to measure the pH/TDS/Temperature of water. clear LCD with backlight, 3 results displayed simultaneously. can online monitoring for a long time. pH electrode We use the international common BNC-Q9 plug, the PH probe can be replaced.

Calibration pH TDS Tester

pH TDS Monitor test temperature in ℃/℉(switchable unit), automatic temperature compensation. Calibrates easily and offers safer and more precise measurements. each set of products has passed the calibration liquid test function qualified before shipment.

Water Quality Tester with Output Power Relay

Plug in your own device (e.g. oxygen pump, Nutrient solution equipment, Hydroponics, or other pH&TDS generation devices) into the corresponding pH or TDS output power socket, and you can set your desired pH and PPM value in this monitor controller to trigger your devices to turn on or off.

Easy to Use

Digital pH TDS tester with fully customizable parameter settings. the App can set the upper and lower limits of pH and EC, which can be set according to your needs. when the value you set exceeds the test range, the application interface will give an abnormal alarm, notifying you of any values exceeding your preset range.

Wide Application

The pH/TDS monitor is used to detect the content of impurities and ions in water, mainly used for TDS qualified monitoring of water treatment systems such as water purification systems, RO water systems, and zero water systems; it can also be used for all-day monitoring of ph and tds in swimming pools, spas, aquariums, laboratories, etc.

  • PH Range: 0.00-14.00pH
    Alarm setting range:0.00-14.00pH
    Resolution: 0.01pH
    Accuracy: ±0.1pH

  • TDS Range: 0~19990ppm, 0~199.0ppt
    Alarm setting range: 0~20000ppm
    Resolution: 1ppm (<1000ppm), 10ppm (>1000ppm),0.1ppt
    Accuracy: ±2%F.S

  • Temp Range: 0℃~50℃, 32℉~122℉
    Resolution: 0.1℃, 0.2℉
    Accuracy: ±1.0℃.

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0-50℃
    PH calibration: 6.86 4.00 9.18(include buffer)