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YIERYI Digital pH Meter for Food, High Accuracy pH Tester for Meat, Bread, Canning, Cheese, Solid Sampling and Water

YIERYI Digital pH Meter for Food, High Accuracy pH Tester for Meat, Bread, Canning, Cheese, Solid Sampling and Water

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pH Meter with Bluetooth

The pH meter is suitable for high-precision testing of the pH of soft solid samples, such as cheese, sushi rice, meat, fruit, dough, jam, sauce, skin care products, solid media, etc.

Automatic Calibration

Using the high sensitivity spear probe, you get a full measurement range of 0-14pH with 0.01 pH resolution. Compared with other pH meters, our pH is 5-point calibration method, and equipped with calibration powder, 0.1~60℃ automatic temperature compensation.

Data Transfer and Storage

Simply dip the pH meter electrode into the solution to be tested and the reading is quickly displayed on the large LCD display. After 5 minutes without any operation, it will automatically enter standby mode to save power, and it can also record data normally. Accurate and real-time Bluetooth data transmission allows you to easily save, manage and share test data.

Easy to Use

Digital food pH meter with fully customizable parameter settings. The app can set the upper and lower limits of pH, which can be set according to your needs. When the value you set exceeds the test range, the App interface will display a red value abnormally, prompting you that any value exceeds your preset range.

Detailed Description

YIERYI food pH tester is committed to providing high-quality and guaranteed services. The electrodes are replaceable and come with protective fluid to better protect the electrodes. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to take out the battery cover and put on the electrode cover, and it needs to be calibrated before using it again.

  • LCD Backlight Display

    The pH meter features a backlit LCD design that makes it easy to read test results regardless of the light.

  • High Accuracy Electrode

    This food pH meter adopts a new spear-type probe for semi-solid puncture pH detection with high precision and precise measurement.

How to Calibrate the PH Meter?

1. Two calibration modes: 6.86/4.00/9.18 and 7.00/10.01 can be chosen to dissolve the chosen powders in different cups with 250ml distilled water. then stir until the powder has completely dissolved.2. Put the electrode into 6.86 solutions, wait for the value to stabilize, and press "CAL" for 5 seconds and the screen will display "CAL". release the button and wait for 6.86 to flash 3 times to complete 6.86 calibrations.3. Repeat the above steps if you need to calibrate pH 4.00 or pH 9.18.