YIERYI PH Meter, Digital 7 in 1 PH/ TDS/ EC/ ORP/ S.G/ Salinity/ Temp Meter, PH Tester for Drinking Water, Hydroponics, Fish Tank, Aquarium, Swimming Pool

YIERYI PH Meter, Digital 7 in 1 PH/ TDS/ EC/ ORP/ S.G/ Salinity/ Temp Meter, PH Tester for Drinking Water, Hydroponics, Fish Tank, Aquarium, Swimming Pool

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7-in-1 pH Meter: The pH meter is designed with a 7-in-1 function, which can measure pH (acidity and alkalinity), EC (conductivity), TDS (total dissolved solids), Salinity (salt content), S.G, ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential) and temperature. Simply press the {MODE/CAL} key to switch the value of pH, EC (uS/cm), TDS (ppm), Salinity (ppm/%), S.G, ORP (mV). 

Easy to Use: Simply immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested, pH value are quickly displayed on a large LCD display. multi-parameter display at the same time, APP control backlight display. Simply press the {HOLD/TEMP} button to lock the measured value and then take it out for viewing. Also, long press the {HOLD/TEMP} button to switch temperature units.

Automatic Calibration pH Tester: With high sensitive glass probe, you can get a full measurement range of 0-14pH, 0.01 pH resolution. Compared with other pH meters, the pH is a 3-point calibration method, and our pH is a 5-point calibration method and equipped with a calibration powder (Asia Standard: pH 4.00, pH 6.86, pH 9.18, and EU Standard: pH 7.00, pH10.01), you can calibrate effortlessly to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.

pH Meter with Bluetooth: Digital pH meter fully customizable parameter settings. the App can set the upper and lower limits of pH, which can be set according to your needs. when the value you set exceeds the test range, the App interface will display a red value abnormally, notifying you of any values exceeding your preset range.

Cloud-Based Data Management System: Accurate real-time Bluetooth data transmission and clear measured values make it easy for you to save, manage and share test data without worrying about data loss.

Do you need a multifunctional testing instrument to help you evaluate multiple parameters of water?
A 7-in-1 PH/TDS/EC/ORP/S.G/Salinity/Temp is your perfect choice. It can easily measure multiple parameters on a single device, meeting your comprehensive assessment needs for water quality.

How to Calibrate the pH Meter?
1. Two calibration modes: 6.86/4.00/9.18 and 7.00/10.01 can be chosen to dissolve the chosen powders in different cups with 250ml distilled water. then stir until the powder has completely dissolved.
2. Put the electrode into 6.86 solutions, wait for the value to stabilize, and press "CAL" for 5 seconds and the screen will display "CAL". release the button and wait for 6.86 to flash 3 times to complete 6.86 calibrations.
3. Repeat the above steps if you need to calibrate pH 4.00 or pH 9.18.

How to connect the BLE-C600 pH meter to Bluetooth ?
PH meter is connected to the APP through Bluetooth. Press "ON/OFF" for 3-5 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth of the meter, and the screen will display the Bluetooth icon. Just download the APP to connect to Bluetooth, open the mobile phone Bluetooth, and search for the instrument model to pair it. Then open the APP, and it will automatically match the instrument model. When the APP page displays the instrument model, it indicates that the instrument is successfully connected to the APP.