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YIERYI WiFi Sprinkler Timer, Smart Water Timer for Garden Hose, Automatic Irrigation Timer with Hub

YIERYI WiFi Sprinkler Timer, Smart Water Timer for Garden Hose, Automatic Irrigation Timer with Hub

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Detailed Descriptions

✔WIFI Water Timer

Add a WiFi sprinkler timer and WiFi hub to the Smart Life APP, connect the wifi hose timer to 2.4GHz WiFi, and you can remotely control the opening, closing, and adjustment of the smart water timer, no matter where you are. No WiFi? You can still connect to Bluetooth within a valid distance of 15 meters.

✔Smart Voice Control

The watering timer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to turn the garden hose timers for watering on and off using simple voice commands.

✔Cyclical Watering Mode

The hose timer has a cyclical watering mode that allows you to cycle watering within a set time period. You can set the start time, duration, interval, and end time of watering on the irrigation timer. For example, you can set the time for each watering to 10 minutes and the watering interval to 1 hour.

✔Timed Watering Mode

✔Timed Watering Mode

✔2 Independent Watering Outlets

This hose timer for watering has two independent watering outlets, and each zone can be set with 2 separate watering schedules. Up to 20 watering plans can be set to meet your diverse watering needs.

✔Manual Watering & Rain Delay Mode

The water timers for hoses programmable has a manual watering mode, and two outlets can customize the watering time from 1 minute to 23 hrs 59 min and without interrupting the preset watering schedule. Also, the rain delay function allows you to postpone the watering plan for 1 day and up to 7 days due to rain or when the ground is already wet and will be automatically resumed.

✔Waterproof & Low Power Consumption

This garden hose timer is made of IP55 waterproof, built to withstand any weather condition. The battery cover has a sealing ring added to isolate moisture, making it perfect for outdoor use. The battery has a low power consumption and a lifespan of over 6 months. When the battery level is below 20%, the APP will remind you to replace the battery.

✔Expanding Irrigation System

A WiFi hub can expand up to 32 WiFi water sprinkler timers, building an intelligent irrigation system for your garden and taking over the watering tasks of the garden. In addition, you can add family members to the application and share household irrigation management.