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YIERYI Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Aquarium Pool and Fish Farming

YIERYI Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Aquarium Pool and Fish Farming

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Dissolved oxygen meter is a precision instrument for measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature. The dissolved oxygen probe is a thin film with a polarographic sensor and a thermistor for temperature measurement and temperature compensation. The permeable membrane separates the measured solution from the sensing electrode but allows oxygen to pass through the membrane to react, and the concentration can be measured.

Dissolved oxygen refers to the concentration of molecular oxygen dissolved in water, generally expressed in mg/L (ppm) and saturation percentage (%), which is the percentage of dissolved oxygen in 1L of water. The oxygen concentration of our dissolved oxygen meter is 0.0-40.0mg/L, most of the range of dissolved oxygen meters on the market is 0.0-20mg/L. When measuring and calibrating, needn't open the protective cover of the electrode, just put the electrode in the solution for measurement.

Detachable probe, easy to replace, equipped with 6 probe protective covers and anaerobic water calibration powder. The film inside the protective cover cannot be taken apart. After using it for a period of time, the test value is inaccurate and the calibration is still inaccurate, and the membrane sleeve needs to be replaced.

Adopts the digital screen display with backlight, which is more clear and convenient to read data. Auto power-off in 8 minutes if not using it. Low battery indication. Oxygen solubility will be affected by temperature, atmospheric pressure, and salinity. Our instrument with temperature compensation can meet normal use.

It is very suitable for measuring the dissolved oxygen level and temperature in a wide range of aquariums, swimming pools, ponds, freshwater aquaculture, marine aquaculture, school teaching experiments, laboratory sterile environment, aquaculture, scientific research, and other fields.

Dissolved oxygen refers to the molecular oxygen dissolved in water. The content of dissolved oxygen in water is closely related to the partial pressure of oxygen in the air and the temperature of the water. Dissolved oxygen is an indispensable condition for the survival of aquatic organisms.

How to know whether the living environment of aquatic organisms has enough dissolved oxygen (DO)?

Digital dissolved oxygen meter, simply put the probe into the measured solution (without opening the protective cover of the electrode), and the dissolved oxygen concentration can be quickly measured.

Aquaculture includes freshwater and mariculture. when the concentration of dissolved oxygen is less than (3-4) mg/L, aquatic organisms are difficult to survive, so the dissolved oxygen meter is very important for aquaculture, biological reaction, etc.