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YIERYI Digital pH Meter, 0.01 High Accuracy with ATC PH Test Strips for Swimming Pool

YIERYI Digital pH Meter, 0.01 High Accuracy with ATC PH Test Strips for Swimming Pool

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 3 DIFFERENT MODES: pH mode, Temp/°C mode and Temp/°F mode, you can press TEMP/CAL to convert. Pocket Size PH Meter is the ideal test kit for home and laboratory uses. Ideal use to test for water, pools, aquariums, spas, hydroponics, food, wine and beer making, and more.

AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION – pH meter comes factory calibrated, but recalibration is required in case of a long period of inactivity or after frequent use. For proper calibration, you get 1 set of calibration powder (3 packets), no need for any kind of screwdrivers to calibrate, you just have to push the auto-calibration button.

AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION - pH tester no more need to take care about the temperature of testing liquid, as meter has built-in (ATC) automatic temperature compensation so that it can accurately determine the pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F).

TEST PAPER FUNCTION: pH test range: -2.00~16.00, accuracy: ±0.01ph. The pH tester digital color of the backlight will change with the pH value, like litmus paper, different pH presents different colors.

EASY TO USE AND CALIBRATE: You can get the ph meter for water result of the water that just needs to press the button of “ON”, and just need to press the button “OFF” to close it. You can calibrate the digital PH meter by pressing the button “CAL” and immersing the electrode into the solution.


Calibration mode: 3 point automatic calibration
Resolution: 0.01 pH
Battery: 2* 1.5V (LR44 button battery)
Range: 2.00 to 16.00 PH
Temperature range: 0-80 ° C
Reset function: long press the open key for 3 seconds in the boot state, and then release the hand. When the screen appears: "----" reset successfully.
Automatic temperature supplement function: 0-80 ° C
Power-off data storage function: data will be automatically saved after pulling out the battery, storage time of one month.
Dipstick Function: The color of the backlight changes with the pH value, just like litmus paper.

1. Dissolve PH buffer powder in 250ml of distilled water.
2. Turn on the PH meter and clean the electrode in distilled water, then immerse the electrode in the PH standard solution.
3. Press the “ CAL” button, wait until the reading is the same as the PH value of buffer powder, and steady.
4. Clean the electrode with distilled water and dry it.

- 1×Digital PH Meter
- 1×Carrying Case
- 1×User Manual
- 3×PH buffer powder

- Pls make the connecting shrapnel of the battery case orient towards the side of the LCD display,
when you install the battery case into the pH meter, to avoid battery cases that are got stuck in the PH tester.
- Pls recalibrate the PH tester after open the battery case or replace the battery.
- Pls clean the electrode with distilled water before or after use it.
- Pls don't drop distilled water in the protection cap to maintain the agile grass probe of the pH meter, pls use a storage solution or standard solution if needed.