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YIERYI PH Meter Portable PH Paper Strips Litmus Paper Test Kit PH Liquid Tester For Drinking Water, Aquarium, Pool 1PC

YIERYI PH Meter Portable PH Paper Strips Litmus Paper Test Kit PH Liquid Tester For Drinking Water, Aquarium, Pool 1PC

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Properties of pH test paper:
pH test paper is a kind of test paper that is mixed with a variety of indicators to detect acid and alkaline substances. There are 14 color cards to judge the pH value content. Different pH content has different discoloration ranges. The smaller the number, the stronger the acidity and the higher the value. The higher the value, the stronger the alkalinity. The unit of the wide-ranging test paper is "1", so the reading of acidic substances with a solubility lower than 0.01% cannot be read.

How to use:
The test paper should be stored in a dry place away from light, and should not be stored in acid-alkaline air.

step 1:
Open the packaging bag of the test paper to reveal a yellow strip of paper, the paper is pH test paper, there are 1-14 color cards on the surface of the box, this color card is the pH standard color card

Step 2:
Take out the test paper and lay it flat on the dry glass or plastic (note: the glass or plastic must be dry and clean

Step 3:
Use a glass rod or a pipette to take the solution to be tested and drop it on one end of the test paper

Step 4:
After one second, the solution part of the test paper and the test paper produce a color change. At this time, compare with the standard color card and read the pH value. In the detection, the smaller the pH value, the stronger the acidity of the solution. When the pH value is 7 , the solution is neutral, the greater the pH value, the stronger the alkalinity of the solution

Precautions for use:
During the test, first tear off a small piece of the test page, dip a small amount of the object to be tested with a glass rod, cotton swab or other sharp object, drop it on the test page, see the color change, and then classify it according to the corresponding color on the color guide. You can know the pH value.

common problem:
Question 1: Why doesn't the test strip change color?
Answer: Because the test strip itself is yellow, the corresponding pH is 6 (weak acidity). If the pH of the tested liquid is 6, the test strip