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YIERYI Digital H2 meter 0-2.40ppm hydrogen meter Resolution 0.02ppm

YIERYI Digital H2 meter 0-2.40ppm hydrogen meter Resolution 0.02ppm

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LED Display: Sensing technology automatically turns on or turns off the LED screen backlight to react to ambient light levels. Auto power off if no operation in 10 minutes.

ppb/ppm Conversion: The factory default measurement unit of the instrument is ppb. In the power-on state, click the ‘FUN’ key, the measurement mode is switched between ppb and ppm. (1ppm =1000ppb)

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): Easy to operate, carry. Easy to change electrode. ATC symbol appears in the lower-left corner of the display, indicating that the instrument is in automatic temperature compensation mode.

Holds Data Function: When the test pen is working normally, pressing the ‘HOLD’ key will lock the current data on the display, and the HOLD symbol will appear on the display, then press the ‘HOLD’ key to release the lock mode, and the HOLD symbol will disappear.

Over-Range Display: When the hydrogen-rich measured value is greater than 2400 ppb (2.400ppm), the display area will display the over-range symbol:'---', when the temperature is below 0℃ or above 50℃, the temperature display area will display: Symbol 'L' and symbol 'H'.

This instrument is used to determine the content of hydrogen dissolved in water generated by the hydrogen-rich water generator. It should not be used in the determination of acid-base ionic water, ice water, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and other liquids above 50 C and below 0 C.

Test pen are widely used in environmental protection, food, hygiene, geological exploration, metallurgy, surface water, industrial sewage, drinking water, acid rain and other detection.