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YIERYI 5 IN 1 SALT/EC/TDS/S.G./TEMP Meter for Sea Water, Aquarium, Pool and Drinking Water

YIERYI 5 IN 1 SALT/EC/TDS/S.G./TEMP Meter for Sea Water, Aquarium, Pool and Drinking Water

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Measure Water Conductiviety: The conductivity of drinking water in general households is 1055us / cm.Measuring conductivity lets us know the quality of water,and drinking healthier water.

Measure Water TDS: The range of TDS for super pure water is 0-50 PPM,and the range of TDS for affect health water is more than 1000 ppm.In our eyes it looks exactly the same, but use instruments have different results .Drinking healthy water can make us healthy and delay aging

Meaure Seawater Salinity: Seawater salinity is the ratio of the total dissolved solids to the weight of seawater in seawater,usually expressed in grams per kilogarm if seawater.

Meaure Edible Salt in Your Cooking Food: The body's suitable intake salinity value is 0.900%.The world health organization recommends a daily salt intake of 6g for the general population.Eating too much or too little salt is bad for your health

Measure Density of Seawater: The density of seawater in different regions is generally 1.02-1.07,and the weight of the dissolved salts is different about 3.5% on is recommended to control the praportion of salt in this range.

Wide range of uses:water for live,food salinity,fish tank,aquariums,farmland,swimming pools,aquaculture,laboratories and industrial wastewater.

Salinity: 0~10000ppm/10.1-250.0ppt/0.1-25%
S.G.: 1.000-1.222
TDS: 0-1000ppm/1000-10000ppm/10.1-200.0ppt
EC: 0-10000uS/cm 10.01-19.99ms 20.1-400mS/CM
CF: 0.1-80°C/32.0-176°F

Delicate small and LCD display with backlight,More convenient to carry.
Simple and convenient function switching with clear and clear readings.
High sensitivity probe.Fast measurement ,numerical stability and more accurate
High capacity battery.powered by a large-capacity button battery for long life.

Packing list:
1*manual in English