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YIERYI Digital Temperature TOD COD TDS Meter, Drinking Water Quality Tester

YIERYI Digital Temperature TOD COD TDS Meter, Drinking Water Quality Tester

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【4 in 1 TDS Meter】 Professional measurement water of TDS, TOC, COD, and Temp. One-click measurement of 4 indicators to comprehensively guide your domestic water use.

【High Accuracy Water Tester】Integrated optoelectronic sensor technology, Multi-spectral fusion algorithm, Stable detection, and high precision. With a titanium alloy probe, the detection speed is fast and the result is accurate.

【Indicator Color Status】The color status of the indicator light indicates the current state of the detected water quality, Red means Poor, Yellow means Generally, Green means Good, and Blue means Excellent. Let you clearly understand the water quality.

【Mini Size Design】 Compact design and Lightweight, the whole machine weighs 35g, able to be easily carried or moved.

【Wide Range of Applications】Suitable for household drinking water, tap water, groundwater, bottled water, purified water, and other domestic water.

TOC (Total organic carbon) Range: 10mg/L
Resolution: 0.1mg/L
Accuracy: ±10% F.S.

TDS (Total dissolved solids) Range: 0-1000ppm
Resolution: 1ppm
Accuracy: ±10% F.S.

COD (Chemical oxygen demand)Range: 10mg/L
Resolution: 0.1mg/L
Accuracy: ±10% F.S.

Temperature Range: 0-80℃ 32.0-140℉
Resolution: 0.1℃/℉
Accuracy: ±0.5℃

Operation Environment: -10-70℃
Battery: 2*AAA, not included, low battery warning
Size: 165*19*21mm
Display: LCD digital
Display calibration: In the power on state, click 3 times continuously to start calibration, the screen flashes C-8 calibration, you should put the water detector into pure water and make sure there are no bubbles in the probe part, the screen shows SUC after successful calibration.