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YIERYI 3-in-1 Soil Fertility Meter Soil PH/Fertility/Humidity Tester Portable Soil Testing Tool

YIERYI 3-in-1 Soil Fertility Meter Soil PH/Fertility/Humidity Tester Portable Soil Testing Tool

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Product Features:
1. Digital dial: clear scale, more convenient reading.
2. No battery required, plug and play, easy to operate.
3. Metal probe: It adopts high-sensitivity probe and double-needle design, which can accurately analyze the soil state, with simple. Operation and convenient measurement.
4. It should be widely used: suitable for potted plants, Dapeng planting, flower planting, vegetable planting, fruit tree planting, farmland planting, etc. 

Product Description:
1. Turn the switch to the far left to test soil moisture:
① Values 1-3 (red part) indicate that it is dry and needs watering.
② The value of 4-7 (green part) indicates that the humidity is suitable, and the watering time should be adjusted according to the variety of plants.
③ The value is 8-10 (blue part), which means it is too wet.
2. Hit the switch in the middle position to test the soil fertility.
3. Turn the switch to the far right position to test the soil pH value. 

The soil fertility meter adopts a high-sensitivity probe. Insert the probe into the soil to measure the desired value without batteries, just plug and play. Test soil moisture, fertility, ph value 3 in 1.

Why Test Soil pH, Moisture and Fertility?
1. Soil fertility determines the lack of or excessive nutrient fertility absorbed by plants during growth. Plants are prone to lodging, disease and insect damage, growth inhibition, and dwarf plants.
2. Plant growth depends on soil moisture and nutrients. When there is too little or too much water, it will affect the growth of plants and even cause plants to die.
3. The pH can directly reflect whether the soil is suitable for plant growth.

The test fertilizer intensity is determined by the soil moisture and ph value. Proper watering and fertilization will make the plants grow better.
This instrument cannot test the nutrient soil of sand and gravel soil. Clean the probe after use and dry it.